Hi, I'm Miles In case you're googling me, my full name is Miles McCoo, I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, spent my adolescence in Los Angeles (Inglewood), went to college at MIT where I pledged Phi Kappa Theta. Since then I have lived in Santa Clara, Haifa, and Portland Oregon where I live now. I can be contacted at mail@mmccoo.com

My field of expertise is Electronic Design Automation for VLSI design. (ie programs used to design chips like the Pentium family of processors). I have a Resume. I'm better at writing CAD tools than I am at making a pretty web page.

I don't really update this page. Instead I have several blogs:

A bunch of years ago, I wrote some journals that others seemed to have enjoyed. I posted the ones I still have here(blog.mmccoo.com)

Today is May 5, 2011 Rich and Alma visited recently

Today is February 6, 2011. Two weeks ago my first child was born. I have posted pictures Here, Here, and Here. Her name is Lydia Hope McCoo. She weighed 8lbs 8oz and measured 21.75 inches. We are very happy to add her to our family. ;-)

Today is December 31, 2009. This past weekend, Robie's brother John got married

Today is December 19,2009. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving

Today is August 6, 2009 and about two weeks ago, I hiked a section of the Pacific Crest Trail with my friends Grady and Bill. Here are some pictures and some panoramas

Today is March 29, 2009 and Jovan has a birthday today. She's 25. getting old. We went out last night

Today is November 7, 2008 and I'm still visiting Germany, though almost ready to go home on Sunday. Last weekend, Mom and I visited some family in Budapest, Hungary. Here are the pics as well as some larger ones

Today is October 27, 2008 and I'm visiting Germany. Robie flew here with me, but she's visiting people she knew in Spain while she lived there. Before she continued on with her trip, we spent the evening with my friends Mishi and her family

Today is June 10, 2008. My friend Grady and I built a giant jenga. Yesterday, I got back from my trip to Maine/Boston where I took a Timberframing class. Here are some stitched photos as well as some normal ones. I also got to hang out a bit with friends in Boston

Today is March 25, 2008 and I'm finally now putting up some pictures from New Years 2007 .

Today is December 2 2007 and this time around I have some Thanksgiving Pictures with Robie's family.

Today is September 26, 2007 and I am currently on vacation in Germany visiting mom. It's been a busy trip. My friend Jens got married and I took so many pictures, I decided to split them into multiple pages: these, and these, mom took some.Recently I've enjoyed goofing around making panoramic pictures and the results are here

I also went to visit my big sister Daniela

Last, but not least, I found some more pics from when I was a kid

Today is August 26, 2007 and yesterday was Robie's b-day and we had a rocking party for her. Here's blackmail material

Today is August 23, 2007. I recently sent some old negatives to a scanning service. I just took a random pile of negative sheets totalling 580 images. This is the first installment from that batch. Most of the pictures were not taken by me but rather by my Oma. I think I took took possession of them when she died and we were cleaning out her stuff. I don't know many of the people in them, but some of them are quite entertaining. There are pictures of much of the German side of my family. My sisters, mom, Oma, aunts, uncles,... here they are

The first year I lived in Israel in 1998, my Mom, brother and sister came to visit. Mom and Jovan came a couple more times, but there are a bunch of pics from that first trip

I also have a bunch from my friend Gary's wedding. and Climbing with Jose.

Today is August 7, 2007. I recently spent a couple evenings hanging out with my friends Kevin (Bday) and Tim

Today is June 20, 2007 and this past weekend, Robie and I visited a friend Trey to help make cobb bricks

Today is June 10, 2007. I couple weeks ago Robie and I went to Jody's Cabin for memorial day.

Today is June 3, 2007. Lot's of party type stuff. My roommate Sadie had a birthday, as did my friend Tana and last, but certainly not least our friend T is off to Cali for a fellowship.

Today is April 24, 2007 and I'm uploading a ton of pictures from my trip to Israel about 2 months ago. My girlfriend Robie and my mom both came too. I took an addition week vacation.

Today is December 1, 2006 and I found some more pictures in my camera.

We've got some from Handy's Wedding

some from my road trip and some from visiting my friend Dorothy

Today is November 28, 2006 and I just got back from a road trip to Los Angeles. I visited Jacob, friends from Inglewood and ate turkey with the family

Today is October 7, 2006. I'm still in Germany and yesterday I went to Mishi and Thomas's wedding

While here, I also came across some other pictures on my mom's computer. some from when I was here last year and some more some from when I was in Israel and I don't how I missed them, but my camera still had some pics from my trip to Montana and from Robie's house

Today is October 2, 2006. I'm in Germany this week for the wedding of my childhood friend Mishi and Thomas.

Here are some pictures from their Polterabend

Today is Monday August 28, 2006 and last week I went to Yellowstone with Robie.

This weekend, my friend Erin had her dirty 30 party.

Today is April 4. Here are some pictures from a party my friend Bill had this past weekend

Today is March 29, 2006 (Jovan's birthday) and I had a busy weekend. I went to my first opera with Robie and I went to Bainbridge to visit family

These were added Jan 17, 2006
Here are a bunch of pictures from a party this past weekend.

Here are some pictures of some Woodworking projects

I spent The Kings Day with some friends

These links were added on June 6, 2004

Here are pictures from our Wedding

For those of you who don't know, we've found that it makes more sense for us to part ways as a couple. This is very sad, but I'm confident we'll remain friends.

Here are some more And some from the disposable cameras

Pictures from the 2002 Halloween party.

Pictures from an Intel trip to Israel.

More pictures from an Intel trip to Israel and Germany.

Here are some pictures from Andy K's Birthday.

Here are some pictures from a Sailing trip

with our neighbors.

Here are some pictures from a Hiking trip with

some friends.

Here are some from a night of playing Pool


These links were updated on Oct 18, 2001 <br>

Here are some pictures with my sister Daniela


These links were updated on May 23, 2001

Here are some additional pictures from my trip to Africa

These links were updated on April 9, 2001

Here are some pictures from my trip to Africa

Here are pictures of James M, a

Kenyan artist I met in Nairobi.

Here are pictures from New Year's 2001 at my friend Mishi's

Here are pictures from my trip to The Phillipines

These links were updated on Dec 3,2000

Some pictures of my brother's wedding

Pictures of my Dad and Grandmother

Pictures from when I was at MIT

Pictures of my cousin Harry and family

This page was updated on Nov 28, 2000

Here are some pictures of Shlomit and Amit

Here's more of Shlomit

Here are some pics from my brother and my sister

Here are some pictures of when I went to the Israeli tank museum

with my friend Gary

Here are some pictures of Iaya

Below is from Sep 3, 2000

Here are a bunch of pictures from my three photocds. These links

will bring you to the thumbnails. If you click on any of them, you'll

get a bigger version. I have higher resolution versions if you want to

print anything out.




I'm working on getting about 200 more pictures scanned.

I've gotten a complaint from my friend Navah (yes, it's

spelled with an 'H') because I don't have any pictures of her on my

site. I wanted to make her happy, I but I only have one picture of her

and I don't know where it is. So I decided to draw one myself. Navah

Here are some pictures from Jerusalem that I

added on April 4. They are scans from a contact sheet of 6cmx6cm

negative. I hope to blow some of them up. When I do, the quality of the

scans should improve.

In addition to the contact print pictures, I also have some color ones.

Here are some pictures from Petra. Also scans from

a contact.

Here are some kid

pictures at age ~6 and ~19

Pictures added on 3-21-99

Some of these are from this past summer, but I only had them developed.

Here are some pictures in Jordan Park with my family

You've already seen her in other sections, but here's my sister again.

There's also my brother. Here are some pictures from when my friend Nurith came to


Pictures from when I dressed up as a woman to Intel's Purim party added on


Here are some pics related to my friend Michal

I like to rike my mountain bike. Pictures added

on 1-25-99

Pictures added before 1-25-99